Pnyx [Greek for “tightly packed together”] is the name of a public assembly place in ancient Athens.  Around 507-508 BCE Kleisthenes turned over political power to the citizenry.  A semicircular level cut out of the side of a little hill west of the Acropolis, the Pnyx became the Athenian place of assembly [ekllesia] to discuss issues as an early democratic legislature.  There was a stone platform, “stepping stone”, [bema] that speakers stood on.  The Pnyx facilitated and made manifest the Athenian ideal of equal speech [isēgoría].

So it seems appropriate to call our virtual place of equal speech Pnyx, evoking the spirit of the tangible one in Athens, one of the earliest and most important sites in the creation of democracy. provides virtual places for interaction with other interested explorers.

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